Vietnam Investment Review

Editing sample from Vietnam Investment Review, an international business newspaper based in Hanoi. (VIR, 18-22 January 2017.)

Snake charmers – The Guide

Numerous generations have turned Hanoi’s ‘Snake Village’ of Le Mat into a legendary tourist hotspot and a day in the life of a family of snake experts is steeped in history. (The Guide, January 2017.)

Lost in translation – The Guide

Even when a church is involved, a traditional Vietnamese wedding can be something of a bewildering experience for foreigners. (The Guide, The Almanac 2016.)

Life in simplicity – The Guide

All able-bodied adults in Khuoi Khon village are out on the rice terraces by 5.30am. Rice is the village’s cash crop and they will try to make the most of the short harvesting season. (The Guide, September 2015.)

Feldt Honig – Delinero

Rüdiger Feldt has been producing gourmet honey in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Northern Germany for over 40 years. His beekeeping skills have helped to capture and preserve the qualities and flavours unique to superior varietal honey.  Feldt considers local plant flowering patterns when planning hive locations as well as the timing of each honey harvest….

wynsh – Business case study

Enhancing the shopping mall experience through digitized marketing and gamification via the wynsh smartphone application. (wynsh, December 2012.)